Show Notes
  • Bad weather forced this show to be moved from the Main Festival Stage to the Bret Harte Hall (The Barn) at the last minute. Our touring crew scrambled to move the entire stage setup into The Barn in time for, what became, a historic performance. Our audio and video teams did what they could to capture this show as best they could given the challenges of setting everything up with no time to spare. The audio recording is not up to our normal recording standards, and as such, we are releasing this as a free MP3 download. The first song, "Lonesome Fiddle Blues" was missing from our 96/24 audio master and has been captured from the Video feed. This song exhibits a small buzz that we've done our best to reduce. We are confident that despite the limitations of this recording, you will still enjoy listening and watching this show. We also want to send a big shout out to Chip Yamada and his video team for capturing this unique and special Incident!

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