New Orleans, LA

Show Notes
  • Midnight to Sunrise Jazzfest Concert (Doors open at 11:59pm)

  • Bigger Isn't Better features Liza Oxnard on vocals

  • Percussion Jams feature Jamie Janover, Dave Watts, Stacey Ludlow (all from the Double Dig Ranch) and Liza Oxnard on percussion

  • 'Round The Wheel through All Blues features Karl Denson on saxophone

  • First Time Played - Sing a New Song (Nershi original, partial version)


  • This 3 disc release is missing the following songs due to technical issues: (John Hardy, Shine > That's What Love Will Make You Do, Born on the Wrong Planet, Take the Night, Gone So Long)

  • Miss Brown's Teahouse suffers from 'microphone issues' on the first verses. Despite this, the song was included on this release for continuity.

  • Photos by Bucky Crystal

    Audience Micropohone recordings of this incident have always been hard to come by, and the original soundboard recordings were so full of recording issues (cuts, dropouts, tape flips, missing songs) that it once seemed that release of this show would be impossible. From the day I was handed the keys to the SCI tape archives, this was the first set of tapes I listened to. Over the next year, I spent a great deal of time working on these recordings in order to prepare them for release. As you see, in the end, it was impossible to release this show in its entirety. Despite this, I believe what's HERE more than makes up for what's not.

    This Incident ran from Midnight to Sunrise, and after the music inside was over, the Incident spilled out into the streets and continued until the police broke it up. This is, by no means, a flawless performance, and there are some rough, and even amusing spots throughout the show. That said, by the time you finish listening to this release in its entirety, I think you'll understand why I feel this is one of the band's best-ever performances.

  • Larry's Pick for "Best show of 1999"

    Larry Fox
    SCI Archives
    January 2005

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